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Welcome to David Wilson Garden Design. We create unique, personalized landscapes to enhance the beauty and livability of your home.

EST. 1987

About Our Firm

Welcome to David Wilson Garden Design. David Wilson is a native plant specialist with a degree in horticulture. Business partner Marco Rini completed their master’s degree study at Oxford in England. We founded our firm in 1987 but started designing gardens as individuals even earlier, giving us more than 60 years of combined experience. We have designed some of the most exquisite gardens in Austin. Many of our clients come back over, and over

again, whether it’s for a new home or a second home in the country. That speaks highly of our reciprocal trust in each other, and we are grateful. If you are coming to us for the first time, be ready to take a fresh look at your property. We will study its inherent assets, work to accentuate those, and add place-making elements and plantings which fit your home and lifestyle. The result will be a garden unique to you.

Our Design Process


We begin by learning about your lifestyle and expectations in a brief questionnaire. We arrange a one-hour consultation at your site in which we walk the property and discuss your goals in greater detail. If hired we will study the site more intensively to identify natural patterns and flora. Based upon our meeting, we study the site more intensively. We take measurements, photograph key areas, and identify the natural patterns of sun, wind, and drainage. We evaluate the soil, existing trees and plants, and structural elements such as sidewalks and creek beds.


We develop a concept plan with drawings that indicate placement of architectural elements as well as trees and plants. We prepare a cost estimate. We discuss the design and drawings with you. We are open to changes and will offer options for achieving your design goals. Many clients prefer that we execute the plan in its entirety to ensure design integrity. Some clients choose to set up the project in stages, installing basic elements at first and filling in additional elements later.

Planning & Timeline

Once you approve the master plan, we develop a set of working drawings for construction and planting as well as a timetable of tasks. For fencing, pools, water sprinklers, lighting, and other construction, we recommend contractors that have proven themselves over the years, or we defer to ones you have chosen. If you like, we can solicit construction bids, supervise contractors, and otherwise manage the entire project. At a minimum, we coordinate the work of contractors and let them bill you directly. We bill only for the tasks completed by our staff.


As the final step, our experienced gardeners install the plants and furnishings. We review the completed design and ensure that you are as pleased with it as we are.

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